The dream of a great local coffee shop sparkled inside our hearts and urged us to make it come true. We then started searching for a prime location in Danang city and a suitable roaster for our own simultaneously.


After our market observation and research, we considered the idea of roasting coffee on our own so that we’re able to control the quality and create a unique coffee taste.

We visited many coffee fields to select the best suppliers whose land, location, and climate were best convenient for the best-qualified coffee beans to grow.

Besides the quality or price, one of our most critical criteria to choose the coffee supplier depended on trust and commitment through every effort and devotion in what they were passionately doing, no matter what size the farm was. We wanted to be a part of their sustainable development. We were not just sellers and buyers but building a stronger bond.


We had a chance to gain deeper knowledge about coffee after the precious time working at the Coffee Factory in Sai Gon, Viet Nam. We learned and practiced making coffee every day.

On the developing path of building a roaster where we could make our own coffee and control its quality, in the mid of 2017, our first coffee roaster - MOC MIEN COFFEE ROASTERY was born.

2018 to 2020

We kept focusing on coffee production that we learned and improved the quality of coffee day by day.

We targeted to the new market in Viet Nam: The High Quality Coffee Bean and pursue it to the present. Up till 2020, we supplied more than 2 tons of roasted high quality coffee bean per month to our customers.


2021: Step into the second year of Covid-19, the pandemic outbreaks hit the global economy badly, there was no exception for us. Our roaster was also under this crisis since our customers (coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.) had no choice but to pull the door shut. Eventually, our coffee supply reduced significantly, and sometimes our roaster had to close because of a lock-down situation in the country.

Every cloud has a silver lining, despite suffering the tough time, we found our mind transferred back to our 2015's dream that has stayed put for six years now: opening a local coffee shop.

The concept of THE THIRD HOUSE is conceived when I was thinking about building a place where our customers can enjoy the atmosphere as in their own home. They can find themselves relaxing and revitalized for the journey ahead. Everyone has their home where they truly belong, their second home where they spend almost 8-10 hours a day to devote and pursue their dreams. We hope that THE THIRD HOUSE shall be the third home and anyone's destination for relaxation, motivation, and positivity.
We have spent years talking to everyone considered as our customers, partners and experts to learn more about coffee and what value we can bring to people. We have figured out that not only quality or taste, but our customers also desire a special feeling beyond a cup of coffee. Therefore, we are motivated to create THE THIRD HOUSE which can bring feelings that our customers are seeking for.